Specialists in Failure

Documentaries aren’t truth, they aren’t myth, they are stories all on their own. Indeed, documentaries about products sell those products, but what happens when the product up for sale is a soccer team, or an entire city? That is the central question of Netflix’s two season soccer docuseries Sunderland ‘Til I Die, originally pitched toContinue reading “Specialists in Failure”

Hey World. King Krule, Dir. Charlotte Patmore

  “Perfecto Miserable” A dial tone rings along what appears to be a highway. I wonder if we need phone lines anymore, but what will happen to all that metal, where will the triangular silver steel be placed? Surely, it can’t be recycled any longer, or will they stand there, after the apocalypse, a thingContinue reading “Hey World. King Krule, Dir. Charlotte Patmore”