Gay Babies

The Sistine Chapel ceiling is sexy. Adam, nude, lounging back, he thrusts his limp penis at the audience, lets it hang onto tourists, religious or otherwise. Consider the romance, the joyous sensuality of his pose. His eyes hold a “come, come touch my finger” expression and God obliges. They will embrace. The rest of theContinue reading “Gay Babies”

Follow Me Into The Forest

Maria keeps her birth control pills in a plastic bag under the third step of their porch, where some brush covers it for her. The spiral packages remain clean, while the plastic bag muddies after a week or two from torrents of rain and wind. Maria concocted this system soon after she and her wifeContinue reading “Follow Me Into The Forest”

Blue is the Color

A bizarre constellation of cultural products for a gay man, drag and soccer, occupy most of my waking thoughts; but, now, this is where I’m ironic: modern gay life prides itself on contradictions. We adore five* gay men who transform schlubs into LinkedIn headshots, all the while complaining of superficial Grindr guys. We throw offContinue reading “Blue is the Color”